2018, The Best of...

Well here we are almost done with 2018, and what a year!

It has been the busiest year so far for The Bottom Drawer, it may well have been the hardest with some pretty awful lows (mistakes have been made and well and truly learnt from) but we have had the best highs and each and everyone one of them have blown the lows completely out of the water.

We’ve had 39 beautiful brides say I do in a TBD Gown with still another 1 to go! I understand this might not be a lot to some but for me this is a huge acheivement and I will be eternally grateful to each and everyone of you gorgeous women for stepping into my boutique and finding the dress of your dreams!

By allowing me to help you make your bridal dreams come true, each and every one of you have helped me make my dreams come true! With our 3rd birthday just around the corner and our 4th year of business approaching, I cannot thank you all enough.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for supporting me this year, for listening to my rants, wiping my tears and celebrating my victories with me; thank you to my amazing wedding friends, for understanding my tears and rants, helping me with ideas and events and sending beautiful brides my way. Finally and probably the biggest thank you I could ever give, Thank you to each and every bride that walks into my little slice of Bridal heaven, whether you buy your dress or not, you help me learn, learn about what you like, don’t like, what works and what doesn’t. You are all in your own little ways helping me be better for the next bride through the door; and like I said making the dream of my beautiful little bridal shop come true!

Now to all the fabulous Bottom Drawer Brides that became a Mrs in 2018, each and every one of you will forever have a special space in heart! I have been incredibly lucky this year to have had some fantastic brides with some incredible style…

This post was supposed to be about my best of 2018 and picking my favourites but I genuinely couldn’t; there is something I love about each and every one of you. You all had your own style, your own vision and you all rocked it on your day. I cannot tell you how much I miss having you all in the boutique and it makes me so proud to see you all living your married lives! (Honestly it feels like watching my babies grow up!) and this is what I mean when I say I will always be grateful that you are a Bottom Drawer Bride. I’m not here for targets and forecasts (just don’t tell the accountant!) I’m here for you and making your dreams come true; and then in turn, making my dreams come true for my family and our future.

Thank you all so so much!

I hope you all have an amazing first Christmas as Husband and Wife and a wonderful new year! I can not wait to see what 2019 holds for us all!

All my love

Victoria xx