The 3 most important things to do now you're a future Mrs...

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things for you to be doing now your significant other has put a ring on it, but these are the 3, well my 3 most important…

  1. Count the pennies…

    When you’re thinking about what kind of wedding you want to have, you need to have a fairly decent idea of what kind of money you can throw at it. It’s all well and good visiting these beautiful country manors but if the wedding fund will only stretch as far as the local Nando’s (Not gonna lie, massively craving a Nando’s right now! Haha!) you’re going to be setting yourself up for some serious heartache!

    Think about what’s important to you both as a couple, do you want a big family celebration or is a more intimate affair more your style. Do you want to go all out or stay more low key?

    Last but not least, who is actually forking out? Are you paying? Do you actually have the luxury of setting your own budget or are mum and dad calling the shots? Is Nan chipping in? And what are you willing to be paying for? Will you be covering the maids dresses or would you want them to pay out?

  2. Set the Date…

    I mean this goes hand in hand with the above, so there’s no real ones more important than the other. The date can determine the budget and the budget can determine the date. Found your ideal venue but can’t afford the summer dates, see what they have ‘out of season’ do they do offers for week days?

    Is there a date that means something to you both? Do you both love Christmas, weddings aren’t just about summer saturdays!

    Another factor that can massively affect any decisions made is of course work! With Mr A being a teacher, before we’d even got started looking at what dates meant anything to us, we had to work out when the school holidays where! Does your job mean you can’t take certain times off in the year? For those of us in the Industry, obviously Summer is a very busy season, where as the accountant is up to her eyes in admin throughout Spring!

  3. Now, this is THE most important thing to do, even if you decide you don’t need to worry about the other 2 because the budget in limitless and you can work whenever you like, i implore you make sure this is on the to do list…


    Embrace that you are embarking on a new chapter in your lives together and celebrate the commitment you have made to one another. Celebrate with the family, have drinks with friends, indulge in something just for the 2 of you. Wedding planning can be hard work, it’s always good to get some good memories in the bank right of the bat, so when the planning does take it’s toll, you can take yourself back to how you felt when you said Yes, and remember why you are doing what your doing!

So there it is, off you trot and get that champagne popping, and I look forward to hearing all about it very soon!

All my Love