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White Gallery... The 2020 Collections

That time rolled round again, one of our very favourite times of year; White Gallery.

Our chance to get a look at the 2020 collections and plan what our little boutique will look like ahead of the next year. This years trip albeit a very brief one, it did not disappoint.

First stop as always was of course our fabulous House of Mooshki and their infamous Gin Bar. This year seemed to involve a whole range of fabrics, embellishments and colours, all still in keeping with the Mooshki style we’ve all come to know and love. The florals where always going to be a winner with me and you just watch this space for the amazing Gardenia coming to a boutique near you soon!

Next up was time with our beautiful Rosanna at Motee Maids, I am absolutley buzzing for the new designs to arrive at the boutique (which fingers crossed will be as early as next month!) I am so confident that you are going to LOVE the new necklines available along with the gorgeous new Forest Green colour; AND we now stock Junior Bridesmaids!!!


Our last stop of the day, was with the gorgeous Fi and Becca at Shikoba Bride. We stock their amazing sister brand Stelfox Bride and as I’m sure you’ve seen me banging on about it, we’ve just had our Shikoba bride Trunk show, which has actually included some of their amazing 2020 gowns. Now, as we all know, I’m not the coolest kid at the party, but these beautiful dresses have got me dreaming about lace, tasselled sleeves! I am absolutely 100% in love and it truly hasnt helped having them all in the boutique, it’s just made me love them even more!

Now please accept my apologies for the use of my poor iphone photos in this post, but don’t you worry, there’ll be some pretty gorgeous styled images coming to you soon!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what went on during my little jaunt to London and I look forward to telling you all as soon as possible that some beautiful new dresses are winging their way to my little slice of bridal heaven!

All my love

Victoria Xx

Wedding Dress Shopping: Custom vs Bespoke vs Off the Rack

Wedding planning doesnt need to be all consuming and overwhelming to be right, and if I can help to demystify the wedding dress shopping process then I will do all I can; and that’s why I’m here, helping with the age old… Custom vs Bespoke vs Off the Rack.

Custom in this world of mine means having a dress made for you, not a bespoke design, but made for you none the less. This is what your traditional wedding dress boutique shopping will entail. Trying on the gowns in the boutique, finding ‘the one’ and having that dress made for you in the correct size. Now there are a couple of points I would like to stress here, these dresses will not be made to measure unless you pay to have the dress 'made to measure’ this will sometimes be suitable if you have body shape dilemmas, in that your top half is one size and your bottom is another, or you are perhaps taller/shorter than the average bride and therefore need to have the appropriate alterations made to the production of your dress, that wouldn’t be doable in your general alterations with a seamstress; and unless this is standard with the designer you will not have the option of adding sleeves/changing necklines etc this is where your dress will become a bespoke design.

Bespoke can be an absolute dream come true for some brides. You may have tried on numerous amounts of dresses and not been able to find everything you are looking for in just one gown, this is where your bespoke designs would come in. I am lucky enough to be able to stock several designers that will help create your dream dress for you, so if you love the neckline of one dress, shape of another, design of a third and you want sleeves, this would be your chosen route. Bespoke however is not the road to go down if you struggle making decisions and continually doubt yourself, one you have designed your dress, submitted the order and paid your deposit that dress is yours, so 3 to 4 months later when the dress arrives at the boutique and you now decide that you no longer like that particular lace or wish you’d gone for a blush rather than ivory, then unfortunatly there isn’t a lot that can be done, the dress will have been made bespoke to you and potentially in your measurements not a standard size, so the boutique you bought from would seriously struggle to sell the gown on. Bespoke gowns also carry a much higher price tag than your custom dress, so if you’re finding you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in the budget or maybe you’re short on time, off the rack can be an excellent choice.

Pictured above, just some of our House of Mooshki bespoke creations.

Off the rack simply means just that, a dress straight off the rails, just like you would at Topshop. So we all know about Wed2B, this is just that, cheaper gowns avaliable off the rail, just like when a boutique has a sample sale. They are selling you a gown at a cheaper price because you are taking that stores sample dress!

While obviously the huge advantage of ‘off the rack’ is getting a dress at a sample sale price, it can carry some cons with it to. Chances are if you are shopping at a bridal boutiques sample sale, you will be purchasing an older style gown, the dresses may be in the sale because they have been discontinued by the designer or simply haven’t sold well. You will also find that this is going to be a one size only situation, the boutique won’t be able to order in other sizes for you, so it may well be luck of the draw as to whats available. Some brides have been known to purchase sample gowns in a larger size as to what they need, but this is obviously going to push your alteration charges up, which could sometimes be just as much as what you have saved on the gown!

If you’re feeling brave, know what you want and are lucky enough to be close to ‘sample dress’ sizes, they why not hit the sales?

I hope that this has helped, and that it is now a little clearer as to what you think you are looking for and what is going to be the best way of finding your dream dress.

If you are still struggling and need any help, then by all means, please do get in touch!

All my love

Victoria Xx

My thoughts on 2020...

The next seasons collections are never far from my mind and now with White Gallery now just a few weeks away, it’s pretty much all I can think about!

So what do I think we’ll be seeing on this years runways…


I think we are slowly starting to see a shift from Lace to beautifully embroidered fabrics, not that saying Lace is going anywhere but I feel there’s a calling for more intricate, more delicate designs.

Stelfox Brides’ Darcy is a gorgeous example of this, Darcy is a beautiful fitted gown with bateau neckline amd full length sleeves. With a intricate, geometric lace style embroidery, she is perfect for those of you wanting a traditional style with a modern twist.

Another amazing example of this is the gorgeous Rose Garden by Bowen Dryden. This is one 2020 collection I for one can’t wait to see!

3D Embellishment

This is one I feel, that has been drip fed to us over the last few years and I think it’s something we are definitely going to start seeing more of. They make a beautiful statement in a modern way. One of my favourites in the boutique is Charlotte Balbier’s Hepburn. A gorgeous 50’s style blush ballgown, with delicate 3D ivory flowers across the bodice and scattered down the skirt.

Another favourite of mine is the amazing Sassi Holford’s Maria, a stunning halterneck ballgown with hundreds of tulle bows across the ballgown. She’s such an amazing statement gown!


We all know how partial I am to a coloured wedding dress and I sure we’ll be seeing more on the catwalks next month. We’ve already seen a lot of blush’s and peaches with blues and greys sneaking in and I think this year will be more of the same. More greys, more blues, more florals.


Another one we all know I love, Capes. I am a die hard veil fan but this is fast becoming my absolute fav! I mean, your wedding day is one where you should feel like your absolute best and who wouldnt feel amazing rocking a cape? I know I would!

House of Mooshki’s Nina is a beautiful lace and tulle ballgown with a detachable lace cape attached to the bodice just under the arms and Charlotte Balbier’s Romy is the ultimate boho princess. A full lace fitted gown with a gorgeous lace cape draped over the shoulders creating a beautiful soft 3/4 length sleeve.

One last one I think we’ll be seeing loads more of this year will be softer, less structured gowns.


When I say soft, I mean less formal, less structure, less boning, more chiffon, more silk tulle. Softer fabrics, more delicate features, softer colours and so on. Think more boho princess than royal princess. Now dont get me wrong, royal princesses will always have a place in my heart along with a beautifully structured gowns, but you boho queens and your gorgeous gowns are seriously starting to find your way in!

Stelfox bride is our go to bohemian designer, the stunning Matilda is just that stunning, a fabulous backless chiffon gown with full lace sleeves and her beautiful little sister Beau, another chiffon gown, with keyhole back details,

We’re now just a few weeks away from White Gallery and London Bridal Fashion Week, so just a matter of time to see what 2020 has in store for us….

I’ll keep you updated!

All my love



Colour of the year... How to use it in the world of bridal fashion

The flowers, shoes or even bridesmaids gowns would be the easiest way of using the trend, but who says wedding planning is easy right?!

There are so many ways in which you would be able to use this beautiful colour in the world of weddings, more than you probably know, so heres some ways to use it in my wonderful little world…

Sonnett 2.jpg

The Dress

This is always a trend I can fully get on board with (as you well know!) I love a coloured dress! Sassi Holford’s Marilyn and Charlotte Balbier’s Untamed Love have been just 2 of my favourites over the years! You can have a full coloured dress, dip dyed dress, a printed fabric, coloured embellishments, it’s not just about ivory or white anymore!

Charlotte Balbier’s Sonnett gown from the Bohemian Blush collection is a great example of a traditional style with a modern twist. She’s a beautiful tulle ballgown with a coral and mint embroidered bodice.

Hair Accessories

Again, sparkle in the hair doesn’t have to be silver or gold and no it does not have to be a tiara! You’d be surprised at the amount of brides that think that is the only option! There is so much more out there at the moment, hair bands, pins, vines; in rose gold, with porcelain embellishments there are even dried flower vines! A lot of new sparkle came in from Linzi Jay at the start of the year and its fairly safe to say I love them all!



It always surprises me but this is part of the wedding outfit that is never really given much thought until the last minute. I mean not necassarily for on the day as 9 times out of 10 you’ll be wearing a comfy pair of knickers under the dress and not much else; now I’m talking on the wedding night or more likely the honeymoon. (Don’t worry too much about the wedding night, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be snoring more than anything else!) Once again this does not have to be ivory/white… our gorgeous Pompadour Lingerie is available in a beautiful range of colours!

See I told you, it’s not always about flowers or shoes with me, there’s also pants and hair!

Struggling to find good ideas, drop me an email and we’ll come up with a solution together!

All my love

Victoria x